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What Are the Treatments Offered by a Home Care Nurse?

What are the treatments offered by Dubai home care nurses? The nurse may also train patients on certain equipment and educate them on the side effects of prescribed medications. She may also advise patients on diet, exercise, and home environment. In addition, nurses must document the care provided to patients during their visits. Senior nurses are sometimes responsible for training junior nurses and care assistants to assist them during home visits. This article discusses these services in more detail.

Home health care:

The first step in receiving home health care services is getting an evaluation from your primary care physician. This evaluation will result in a plan of care. Once the plan is complete, you can submit it to your Health Insurance Company or agency for approval. When applying for home health care, make sure that you meet all eligibility requirements. Before arranging services, you should also discuss payment options with your health insurance company. The health care provider will need to meet certain standards before you can receive service.


If you are considering home care for a loved one, you might be wondering what the assessment process entails. An assessor will visit your home to assess the level of assistance needed. The nurse will ask you to demonstrate daily living activities during the assessment, including bathing, dressing, eating, and putting on shoes. The nurse will also ask you about your general medical condition. If you have any concerns, the assessor may ask you to provide additional information.

Medication administration:

The practice of medication administration by a home health care nurse is a growing trend in health care. This service offers several advantages to its clients and has led to significant savings in healthcare costs and social benefits. Home care agencies have implemented specific programs to help clients take medications. These programs are increasingly gaining recognition among health insurance companies.

Consultations with dietitian:

A home care nurse may offer nutrition counseling and nutritional therapy to her patients. She may also supervise a dietitian technician. This type of professional works with other health care professionals, such as occupational therapists, to provide individualized meals and snacks that meet nutritional needs. For example, she may develop food textures with modified textures for patients with swallowing difficulties. Additionally, she may be involved in addressing unintended weight loss and skin conditions. Ultimately, the dietitian will spend time with her clients, providing advice and recommendations on proper diets and nutrition.

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