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How Do You Qualify For EB-5 Investor Visas?

The first thing you need to know about the EB 5 investment visa program is that the amount you invest must be more than USD one million. It would help if you also were in a rural area, invested in a targeted employment area, and structured the project in any way you wish. This article will walk you through the process of preparing for the interview and a successful application. You will also learn how to choose an EB-5 investment project and the requirements.

EB-5 visa investment amount is USD$1,000,000:

The minimum amount for an EB-5 investor visa application is USD$1,000,000, with a higher threshold of $500,000. In rural areas, however, the investment amount is lower at USD$500,000. Some top experts on EB-5 visas have noted that this threshold will increase in the coming months. If you are looking to secure an E.B. 5 Visa, you must invest $1,000,000.

EB-5 project must be in a targeted employment area:

To qualify for an EB-5 visa, a project must be located in a targeted employment area (TEA). The Federal Government designates TEAs to create jobs in areas with high unemployment and fewer foreign workers. Most EB-5 projects are located in these areas, which are not necessarily rural. The U.S. Census considers the most recent decennial census as the basis for determining a TEA.

EB-5 project must be structured in any form:

EB-5 investment funds are typically provided in mezzanine debt, which bridges the gap between the developer’s equity and loan-to-cost requirements. While this type of debt is slow, developers still find it very attractive because of its relative affordability. Compared to other forms of capital, EB-5 interest rates are likely to remain below ten percent, making it an attractive form of financing. Furthermore, if a developer seeks to use this type of financing, they will likely need to obtain bridge financing during the period between raising EB-5 funds.

EB-5 project must be in a rural area:

Before you can begin the application process for an EB-5 visa, you must be certain that your proposed investment will be in a rural area. Rural areas must have a high unemployment rate, generally greater than 150 percent of the national average. Rural areas can also be defined as geographic regions that do not have a metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

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